How to Choose the Right Truck Cover

Ease of operation and accessibility, budget, security and warranty are the main factors to consider in your decision of which cover to purchase.

There are basically two primary types of covers....hard and soft. Hard covers offer security and style, while soft covers and retractable covers offer versatility.

Lightweight hard tops like Solid Fold from Extang, Undercover and Armor Lid are easily removable. Most hard covers are made from fiberglass, aluminum or abs plastic. How you will use your truck will help determine what kind of cover will work best for you.

Rollup soft covers are gaining in popularity because they are an inexpensive way to cover your truck bed and provide convenient bed access. Some of them require opening the tailgate to gain access, combine that with a locking tailgate and you have a great theft deterrent. Other soft truck tops include the very affordable snap type; tilt models that act like a hard truck topper, roll-up and the new tri-fold truck covers. Retractable covers provide security and offer the ability to upgrade providing unique cargo containment features securing the contents in your truck bed.